Rory Branagan is from Ireland, although no one knows quite where.   Some say he’s from Dublin, some say he’s from near Enniskillin, others say he’s from Cork.  He sometimes uses strange words, eg…

Amadanmad. See also Berco, Quare, and Corner Boy Gilligan.


Circling Over Shannondrunk. This refers to the time when Boris Yeltsin visited Ireland, and got so drunk on the plane, that he had to circle six times over Shannon airport, while his aides gave him coffee. See also polluted and fluthered.

Cornerboy – this is the sort of phrase that Mrs. Welkin would use, to describe the sort of young feller, who might stand around in the street (eg  Corner Boy Gilligan).

Deadlyvery good. In future books, Rory is often known by the nickname: Deadly Branagan.

Flahulach (adj)- the quality of throwing money around confidently. Padder Branagan was said to be flahulach.

Gack (n) –  a stupid person. Also gackawacka.

Gouger – a slang word, for a criminal. (Book 6 in the series is Rory Branagan and the Lethal Gouger. Corner Boy claims there’s a criminal website called Gouger.Info.Online)

Head / Head The Ball – a rude term for a foolish child. ‘Who is that Head The Ball who’s just run out in the street?’

Lamp – to hit someone

Messera disreputable child, who’s up to no good. ‘Rory, you are a Messer!’

Scratchera small child.