The books have mainly been told to Andrew Clover, by Rory Branagan himself, who is now in hiding.

Andrew is a Perrier-nominated comic, and actor, and writer, who once wrote a column Dad Rules, which was on the back page of the Sunday Times Style magazine, and starred as Gary in CBBC’s My Almost Famous Family.  He has travelled to theatres and schools around the world, doing a show called  The Seven Secrets of Storytelling, in which  – as part of his own private dare – he climbs up a ladder, and sticks out his bottom, and pretends to lay a huge egg right on top of the deputy head. To help sell the Rory Branagan books, Andrew has vowed to do fifty free shows. All you need to provide is a hall filled with children, a ladder, and a deputy head.

To get Andrew to visit your school, go to

You can also go to his website – – if you want to find games and exercises that will help improve your writing.

This book has been drawn by Ralph Lazar, a South African illustrator who lives in California. With his wife Lisa Swerling, he draws things like the Happiness Is... series, which more than ten million people look at each week, and the book Me Without You which is a New York Times bestseller. Their Brainwaves series (published by DK) has been translated into 22 languages and has won two US Parents Choice Awards, the Washington Post book of the week and two Royal Society Science Book of the Year nominations.

He made friends with Andrew when they were neighbours in London. Andrew loves Ralph because he is very funny and kind, and because he can do everything. He’s the sort of person who, if you dropped him on a desert island, would build a shelter, and live there, quite happily, for many years.

The books have been written with much help from Paul ‘The Machete’ McKenzie, who is a TV producer who’s written / created loads of hit TV shows including Hettie Feather, Sadie J, Dani’s House, and My Almost Famous Family (where Andrew had a leading role).  A TV show of Rory Branagan is in development.